Meet Katelyn


Is a lifestyle photographer who has been on both sides of the lens.B06G0220 (683x1024)

This means that she can relate to all of the challenges involved with capturing your special moments. She has a passion for connecting with individuals on an intimate level that is essential to telling your story.

As a professional, Katelyn is determined to provide exceptional service, quality, and storytelling.  All of her images are lovingly crafted with a bright and cheerful personality. She focuses on simplicity and elegance to create images of how others see you.

Katelyn currently resides in Wilmington, North Carolina with her family. When Katelyn is not tromping through the bushes to take a picture, she can be found reading books, and sleeping in late. With a keen interest in trying new things, she is always looking for new ventures and collaborations.

Katelyn is available for freelance work at this time.